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Customer oriented quality and an open mindset

Academic Search is among the pioneers within the private recruitment sector. This has given us a head start in developing reliable systems and methods – which is mirrored in the market’s opinion about us. Academic Search has a very high ranking in all disciplines. Our non-compromising quest for quality in everything we do is also a very important success factor. This also applies to our business model The Competence Life Cycle: a holistic view that emphasises the importance of nurturing and developing relations with co-workers both before and after the recruitment.


Right competence through experience, knowledge, network and business intuition

Academic Search has built up a unique base of experience and networks since the company was founded in 1991.

Thanks to our focus on qualified positions we have a very deep and wide network on all executive levels. We have developed methods to ensure a high standard each step of the way. And we have the knowledge and business intuition needed to deliver the right competence at the right time in a wide array of assignments.


Executive Search & Interim Management

Executives are a key area for Academic Search. Recruiting the right people to the company’s management team requires a professional approach, a well-established network and a systematic search process. We assess educational background, competence, experience, personality, leadership skills and many other competences against the company’s values and vision in the evaluation process. This includes both permanent as well as interim positions.


Recruitment & Hire

With our unique experience and competence we help you find the right key persons who have the ability and drive to lead and develop. Finding the right people for the company’s key positions requires a professional approach, a well-established network and a systematic search process. Educational background, professional experience, leadership skills and many other personal competences need to be matched against the company’s values and vision.


We have a strong focus within the following areas:


• Marketing, Communication & Sales

• Accounting & Finance

• IT – Information Technology

• Engineering

• HR – Human Resources


We work with a comprehensive approach

Academic Search works with a comprehensive approach where long-term relations are of vital importance. As part of the strategic recruitment we offer several channels and different tools to reach and attract key target groups. Cultural diversity is another important cornerstone in order to be competitive in the job market and a natural part of our comprehensive view. We work with Talent Management through programmes for cultural diversity (Diversity Challenge) and programmes for personal and professional development (Carerra Mentor).


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